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Manipulated By Magik is an online site where Taggers, Snaggers, Designers, etc can get involved by sharing tags, ideas, make lasting friendships with others as well as discuss anything else through use of this site and the MBM forum. This site can also be used for advertising new products, tutorials, freebies, etc.

We are designed to help others find new friends or invite old friends that have a passion for PSP, keeping each other 'in-the-know' with current news, etc., and above all else have fun.

You do not have to be a designer or a tagger to be a member of the MBM forum, nor do you have to be a fan of the Finnish band, HIM. Everyone & anyone will be welcome.

Please note: The MBM forum is a copyright compliant community. It is also a community free of drama. If you're a tag or kit ripper or pirate, move along. You will not be welcome here.

I do require members to be somewhat active in the forum in order for it to thrive & grow. I will have regular member sweeps of inactive members or 'phantom' memberships.

All aspects of this website and the forum is owned & funded by the Administrator- Magik- from her own pocket. This is a non-profit site, meaning the Owner/ Administrator does not make money off any aspect of this site by its members. Nor does she make any profits from outside visitors, aside from the sales of her PTU kits in her shop.

All our forum members also retain 'ownership' of the forum- in a sense- without cost to them. However, to keep costs low, the administrator asks all members to host their images and other content on free hosing sites such as tinypic, fotki, etc, and link their content here using the standard methods as much as possible.

If bandwidth/ hosting costs become too expensive, the site owner, may no longer see it as financially possible to run this network & therefore may have to close it down.

If you have any problems, please contact Magik by email at magikd@live.com

It is free to visit the Manipulated By Magik site & join the MBM forum. Purchases of any Pay To Use kits is not a requirement for membership.

By registering to the forum, you agree to the Terms of Membership and understand that membership can be withdrawn if that agreement is violated.

All original images (before editing) are copyrighted to their respectable owners. All rights reserved. However, this site, forum, blog & the edited pix or graphics used in the main design of these within, are credit to Magik (Manipulated By Magik/ Spiral RavenFeathers/ Dysfunctional Design) unless otherwise noted, However the artwork used is copyright to their owners. This site is copyright compliant- credit is given where credit is due.

All other images used by members on this site (for their profiles, etc.,) are copyrighted to their respectable owners as well, whomever they may be.

On my Links page, are only sites we proudly associate with &/ or affiliate/ collaborate with. We will not & do not associate with any sites or communities that have any illegal/ shared content, nor any such sites that share content without express permission from the original owners. We do not link to sites that allow illegal downloads or sharing of artwork, kits, etc. All links added on this site are approved by the Administrator, Magik.

Please, join us in the forum. We look forward to meeting you!

This About/ Disclaimer page & all the wording herein are © Magik, from 24, April, 2010- beyond. It has been updated on 8, April 2021 as needed. Do not copy/ paste my words to use on your site. Thank you.