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Welcome to V2.0 of my site. A lot of time and thought went into this new site and look, so I really hope you enjoy your visit here.
...And yes, I dared to use pink on this design.

With this new site, there is no option to join, except for the forum. This site was created on a different server since I have ditched Spruz. Please bear with me as I continue to build this site and fix any issues that may pop up. Thank you. This site & any other sites or pages associated with this site (made by me- Magik), were created from my own 'Manipulated' lil' mind.

Please take a moment to review my About/ Disclaimer page, since the information on that page has been updated &/ or changed to better reflect this new incarnation of my site.

To navigate through the site, use the links on the bar above & the images below the header:
- About/ Disclaimer: This page covers what this site is about and why it was created. It also includes basic information that explains to you the purpose of this site & some legal terminology.
- TOU: This will link you to all my TOUs posted on my blog and these pages will be updated as needed.
- Blog: This is where you will find any news concerning my newest kits as well as freebies that I may post there.
- Shoppe: Find my PTU kits in my shop here. (This will be coming soon.)
- Forum: Come join us in the forum to participate in a few tagging challenges or to just hang out. It is free to join and there is a section for just visitors, too.
- Links: Check out some awesome blogs, shops & other PSP-related sites I love.
Wall Of Shame: Just an overview of who to keep an eye on in the tagging community.

* I would like to give a shout-out & thank you to all who stop by. This site wouldn't exist without your continued support, so 'Thank You' again.
With that said, I welcome you to Version 2.0 of the Manipulated By Magik site. I hope you enjoy your visit & come back again. =)
Let the journey begin...
- Magik

Designer Licenses

Thursday 18, March, 2021 18:10:00Posted by Magik


I hold licenses from the following Designers:

Free Digital Scrapbooking Kit