Wall Of Shame

Welcome to my humble little Wall Of Shame page.
Below you will find kit-making criminals you should
avoid at all costs, but keep a watchful eye on them,
since someday they might rip from you, too.

Criminal #001: Jenny Pierce

Known for her love of ripping from my ‘Pink’d’ kit.
These are the kits to date (so far, to my knowledge)
that’s she’s made with my kit.
I will add to it as needed:
Burlesque Gurl
Linda’s Emo Music
Emo Bad Gurl
Pump Up The Volume
Rockin eMo

Last known whereabouts-
Offering free kits at

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Criminal #002: Anna Collaco

Was formerly a trusted Creative Team Member.
Recently violated my TOU for my
CU Circle Frame & tried selling them for
6 whopping bucks as a Commercial Use pack.
Also recently discovered to also be ripping
kits that she’d obtained from me while on my CT.
How many kits, no one knows.
Also was later found to have ripped
from a couple other designers as well.

List of items violating CU TOU:
Glitter Frames

Kits made from ripped items:
Love Meow
I Love SF
Bling On The 4th
Pink Just Got Real

* Not 100% sure of- Violet Vixen

Last known whereabouts-
Anna is now currently disguising herself
as Starduste Designs.

Anna is now going by the name
Luna Benning on Facebook
and designing under the name of
Wicked Intenzionz.

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Criminal #003: Angela Picard

Angela has had her in’s & out’s with ripping kits.
She’s had the nerve to slap her name on
another designer’s kit & call it & offer it as her own.
This girl has balls! o.O

She also has an arrogance about her
in demanding respect from anyone
who downloads her kits.

Kits made from ripped items
(that I’m aware of so far):
Back To School

Last known whereabouts-
She’s removed a few blogs after being called
out by other designers in the past, but she is currently
offering her atrocities at
Angelas Kreative Kits

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