This applies to all my items that are marked as ‘Commercial Use’,
excluding PS Styles:

*You MUST give credit if using any of my CU items in your kits,
excluding my CU Styles. 

To credit me in your TOU or credit file,
the proper credit is to use my designer name: Magik.

Please always credit me on your TOUs or credits file like this:
Magik at

You May…

  • Modify color, etc. as needed to suit your needs.
  • Use the graphics/designs created with my items for use
    in your own creations.
  • Use to make element or paper items to sell in digital scrap kits.
  • Use to create layouts for scrapbooks, blogs, etc.
  • Make backup copies for your personal use.
  • You may create PU, S4H and/or S4O kits with my commercial use products.
  • Use my CU Styles or other styles with my CU templates to modify for your designs.

You May NOT…

  • Claim these as your own.
  • Resell my products in their original design individually or as a
    complete file, such as brushes, styles, templates, etc.
  • Redistribute this product (in part or whole) in any way:
    including cd/dvd, email,   groups, website links, etc.
  • e-upload to any file share site EXCEPT for the sole purpose of
    back up files. The backup link may only be accessed by YOU.
  • Offer in layers. Finished product MUST be merged.
  • Desaturate or alter the items or papers and share them in any way
    or resell them as templates.
  • Use the final image for anything other than digital designs.
    (This means NO T-shirts, mugs, key chains, jewelry etc.)
  • Put them into other CU formats (brushes, tubes, templates etc.)
  • Use them to create obscene, defamatory, immoral works,
    nor anything that promotes hatred toward any group(s) or person(s).
  • Hold me responsible for any loss or damages resulting from
    the use of these items.

* I reserve the right to change these TOU at anytime.

At this time I am not offering a CU4CU on ANY of my products.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at:

Thank you & enjoy!