This applies to all my kits- PTU & FTU & MBM Exclusives

This applies only to all products clearly marked PERSONAL USE ONLY!

My TOU MUST be followed, as you should follow any other Designer’s TOU. 

If using any of my kits alone for a tag,
please credit me as follows: Scrap kit by Manipulated By Magik

If using a poser that is included in the kit, you MUST give credit to the designer of the poser- not me (the copyright/ credit info. should be included in a folder with the poser(s)).
There is no need for credit if used with tubes or other artwork/ photography.

There is a NO REFUND Policy for any of my PTU kits. If you purchased an item (either by mistake or other), you are NOT able to get a refund for that purchase. Since these are digital items, there is no way that I can be sure that you no longer have any of my digital kits on your computer. I will NOT be scammed, sorry.

If using a kit in a tutorial, please link back to my blog: or preferably, you can link my site (to be completed soon).

If you are using a MBM Exclusive kit you obtained from my forum, you must link back to

You may use my preview in groups, tutorials and challenges but please direct to my blog or the store you purchased the kit from.

You May…

  • Resize if needed.
  • Mix with any of my other kits (PTU or FTU) in your creations.
  • Use for creating tags or other graphics (Facebook covers, wallpapers, etc.)
  • Use to create layouts for scrapbooks, blogs, etc.
  • Make backup copies for your own personal use.
  • Make cluster frames as long as the kit is a FTU kit, however, Clusters or Cluster Frames can NOT be sold.

You May NOT…

  • Recolour any elements, papers or frames except to desaturate to greyscale only.
  • Redistribute any of my products (in part or whole) in any way: including cd/dvd, email, groups, website links, etc.
    Direct people to this blog.
  • Supply (in whole or in part) in tutorials.
  • Use anything in my kits to make a new kit/ kits.
    In other words- DON’T rip apart my kits to make your own!!
  • Sell any part of my kits or make anything for profit using any portion of my kits- this includes tags & or Tag Groups where members must pay!
  • Claim any items as your own.
  • Change the file names.
  • Use or mix with kits from other designers.
  • Create cluster frames without written permission from me, since some CU designers I may have used for my kits do not allow cluster frames to be made with their items.
    Please contact me before creating any clusters using my PTU kits.

**The following are my TOU concerning any kits that are MBM Exclusive kits:

  • All the above KIT TOU apply to my MBM Exclusive kits. However, the following also applies:
  • Cluster frames CANNOT be made with them, unless they are being made with another/ matching PTU or FTU kit of my creation.
    *A good example- my ‘Power Of Pink’ kits can be used together.
  • I prefer only 30% of the resulting cluster frame be made with the exclusive kit.
  • The frame MUST be a merged/ flattened PNG frame.
  • The cluster frame you make (provided you followed the above TOU) can be shared on your blog, however-
    You must credit me for the kits used & list kits used (including the exclusive one) in your post.

Thank you.

** Just because you downloaded or bought my kits,
it does not mean you can do what you wish with them.**

I’d love to see anything made with my kits.
You can email me your creations at:

I am a Desirena Designs CU4CU, R4R & Unlimited Use License holder.
I am a Wicked Princess CU4CU Lifetime License Holder.

The commercial Use, CU4CU &/ or R4R items used in the creation of my kits are purchased or downloaded were done so under good faith that they are safe and legal to use.
If you find an item that is not legal, please email me with proof so that I can correct the item in question.

Thank you.

All items in my kits are made by myself
as well as other designers which will be
credited specifically per kit in my TOU. 

Most important of all…
Have fun with the kits!