FTU Cluster Frames

Below is a linked list of all FTU Cluster Frames I have on my blog. These are not grouped by theme, but are listed in order from my first post to my latest post.

Please keep in mind, that my earlier cluster frames were made with PTU kits at the time… and were offered then when the Designers’ TOU were different at the time of my original posting of them.

Any of my current cluster frames made since 2012- 2013 are ones made with my own kits, so any credit for those frames are mine & mine alone and should be credited as such.

Enjoy the freebies. 🙂 All I ask is to follow my own TOU for the Cluster Frames. The TOU for each of them may have changed since the early ones, so if you have any questions, or just want to check my most recent TOU concerning them, you can find that page here: Cluster Frame TOU. These TOU over-ride any past TOU. 😉

Wicked Sinful Clusterframe

Ms. Santa Cluster Frame Freebie

Cluster Frame Freebie- Kandy Kane Krismas

Cluster Frame Freebie- Christmas Candy

Cluster Frame Freebie- Red N Black Xmas

Cluster Frame Freebie- Freakish

Cluster Frame Freebie- Emo Kitten 2

Cluster Frame Freebie- St. Pattys

* Cluster frames listed below I made with my own kits, unless otherwise noted. 😉

Cluster Frame Freebie- Join Me

Cluster Frame Freebie- Emo Glam

Cluster Frame Freebie- Cyber Cat 

Cluster Frame Freebie- Swag Alley Blues

Autumn Cluster Frame Freebies

FTU- I’ll Put A Spell On You Cluster Frames

FTU- Dear Santa Cluster Frame 

FTU- GWTS Cluster Frame

FTU- GangStarr Cluster Frame

FTU- Punk You Cluster Frame *Scroll down a bit

FTU All Lips Go Blue Cluster Frame *Scroll down a bit

FTU- Steampunk’d Frame

FTU City Chic Frame

FTU- Be Mine Cluster Frame

Bunny Trail Cluster Frame Freebie

Freebie- American Rebel Cluster Frame

Freebie Cluster Frame- Die With Me

Freebie Cluster Frame- Spring Burst

Freebie Cluster Frame- Spring Potpourri

Freebie Cluster Frame- Beach Treasures

FTU ‘Holly Jolly’ Cluster Frame

Autumn Flowers CF

Red Poppies CF

Shabby Chic Christmas CF

Purple Watercolour Floral CF