Below is a linked list of all FTU CU I have made available on my blog. This also includes any FTU CU Photo Shop Styles or PNG Glitter sheets I’ve made. These are not grouped by theme, but are listed in order from my first post to my latest post.

Enjoy the freebies. 🙂 All I ask is to follow my own TOU for my CU. My CU is for Personal Use ONLY. Do not resell my CU items. The TOU for each of them may have changed since the early ones, so if you have any questions, or just want to check my most recent TOU concerning them, you can find those pages here: CU TOU or PS Styles TOU. These TOU are up-to-date & over-ride any past TOU. 😉

Swag Alley Blues- PTU & Freebies *Scroll a bit for a set of FTU Satin Styles for PS

FTU- CU Styles #1 *These are my ‘Cyber Cat’  & ‘Join Me’ styles.

FTU- CU Styles #2 *These are my ‘Pink’d’  & ‘Swag Alley Blues’ styles.

FTU- CU Styles #3 *These are my ‘Skull Candy’  & ‘Sleepwalking Past Hope’ styles.

More FTU CU Styles *3 different sets. ‘Autumn’, ‘Autumn Nights’ & Pink/Blue glitter styles.

FTU- Happy Haunting CU Styles

Choc. For My Sweetie Glitter Styles & Sheets

FTU Valentines CU Paper 4 Template *Scroll to bottom of post for the free paper template

CU-Okay Shamrock Paper Template Freebie

CU-Okay Easter Paper Template Freebie

FTU Spring Splendor CU Glitter Styles & Sheets

FTU- CU- ‘OK’ Condom Template

FTU Steam Punk’d Glitter Styles

Let Freedom Ring Freebie CU Styles

Free CU-Okay Microphone Template 
*Please note, credit required in TOU starting with this post.

CU-Okay Star Frame 1 & Star Frame 2

FTU CU-Okay Can Template

FTU- CU-Okay Box Template

Stardust & Moonlight FTU CU Styles

FTU CU-Okay Circle Frames

FTU- CU-Okay Music Heart Paper Template

FTU CU-Okay ‘Full Sized’ Box Template

FTU CU-Okay City Chic Paper Template

FTU- CU-Okay Locker Template

FTU CU-Okay Sparkles

CU-Okay Valentines Paper 1 Template- Tagger Sized

CU-Okay Valentines Paper 2

CU-Okay Valentines Paper 3 Template

FTU- CU- Okay Bubble Frame Template

CU- Okay Amp Template

FTU CU- Okay Basketball Templates

CU-Okay Halloween Paper Templates- Tagger Sized

FTU CU Spring Burst Glitter Styles/ Sheets

FTU CU Coffee Time Glitter Styles/ Sheets

FTU CU Season Of Colour Glitter Styles/ Sheets

FTU CU Jingle Jingle PS Styles

FTU Soccer Paper Template

FTU Soccer Scoreboard Template

CU- Okay Tagger-Sized Flower Frame Template 1

CU- Okay Tagger-Sized Flower Frame Template 2

FTU CU Night Of Magick Halloween Paper Temps