MBM Forum Freebies

Below is a linked list of all FTU goodies we’ll have for you in our MBM forum. Every other month or so, we’ll be having special ‘themed’ challenges in our forum for a month. Once that month is up, all those freebies we have created will be posted in our ‘Member Challenge Freebies‘ board, which will be open for non-members (aka Guests) to download.

These items will be available for any one or any other forum to use. Our Permissions can be found here.

Our freebies will not be grouped in any specific way, but will be listed in order at the time they are posted in the forum. Each post may have different items based on our themed challenges- from kits, masks, word art, etc. which will all be in one singular post there. 😉

Enjoy the freebies. 🙂 All we ask is to follow our ‘Blanket’ TOU for anything and everything we offer. You can find that page here: Blanket TOU. These TOU are up-to-date & over-ride any past TOU, but they can be modified as needed or requested by any of our forum members. 😉

Now. Here’s those freebies in a nice little list for you:

June Theme- Melted Ice Cream Cluster frames, masks, etc.

August Theme- Summer’s End– Cluster frames, masks, etc.

November Theme- Winter/ Mixed Cluster frames, kit.

March Cluster Frames– Open theme cluster frames

May Cluster Frames– Unicorns & Fairies (Fantasy)

May Theme- Fairies & Unicorns– Masks, word art, kits.

June Theme- My Country My Pride– Cluster Frames, word art, kit.

July Summer Mixed Choice Cluster Frames– Summer cluster frames

August Cluster Frames– Birthday themed cluster frames

August Theme- MBM Birthday Bash– Masks, word art, templates, kit.

November Theme- Jingle Bell Rock– Masks, word art, templates, etc.

January Cluster Frames– Anti- Valentines Day cluster frames

April Theme- Flower Child/ Hippies– Masks, word art, kit, etc.

May Theme- Birds and Butterflies– Masks, word art, etc.

Summer 2023 Theme– Summer Splash cluster frames

August Theme- A Mug & A Book– Cluster Frames, word art, etc.

November Theme- I’ll Be Gnome For Christmas– word art, templates, kit

January 2024- You Give Love A Bad Name– templates and word art