FTU Snags, Extras, Etc.


Below is a linked list of any tag extras, FB timeline sets & other random graphics I have on my blog. These graphic items were created by me & comes from my own Manipulated lil’ mind. These are not grouped by theme, but are listed in order from my first post to my latest post.

I do not have a TOU page for any of these, however, there is a General TOU concerning them on my blog & on the site here grouped in my Tutorial TOU.

However I’m posting those general TOU here so that they can be read. These TOU apply for any/ all graphic extras all that I have offered on my blog- Including but not limited to the following: Tag Extras, Snags, Timeline Covers, Forum Sets, Wallpapers, etc.
My credits & watermarks are to remain on these items at ALL times.

My TOU are as follows:

You May Not…
– Redistribute any graphic, tag, timeline set, etc. I offer as yours, in whole or in part
– Print out anything for your OWN personal use.
– Rip them apart to make your own.
– Remove my watermarks & copyrights/ credits.
– Alter them in any way- no adding brushes, names, other text, etc.
This is another form of tag ripping & it is NOT okay to do.
– Claim as your own work.
– Sell in any way- they are NOT CU items
– Recreate any of my tags, extras, etc. They are not tutorials.
They are just for ‘show’ or to be snagged ONLY.
– Share them with others through groups, email, etc. Please link to my blog, instead. 😉
– Hot link, direct link, or deep link any of my images or previews from my blog.
– Use anything I offer for use on any kind of hateful or illegal- type of sites.

These TOU over-ride any past TOU. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at:

Thank you for reading. 🙂 Enjoy the freebies.

Original Diva Extras

Feel The Rock Tag Show-off & extras

Autumn’s Kiss Tag & Extras

Not Emo Tag & Extras

Happy Haunting Tag & Extras

Kiss Me Tag Extras *Scroll down for the extras.

FTU- All Lips Go Blue Extras

FTU- Steampunk’d Extras

FTU- Dream A Little Dream Extras

FTU- Kurious Kitty Extras

FTU- Christmas In Pink Extras

Valentine Dior Extras

Valentines Day Card Extras

Roll Me Over In The Clover Extras

Irish Charm Extras

Tag Extras: Yo Ho Ho

Peaceful Reflections Extras

Facebook Timeline Set Freebie *Yes, it’s HIM-themed.

Facebook Timeline Set- Steampunk Ville *Yes, it’s HIM-themed.

Facebook Timeline Set- Peppermint Holiday

FTU Facebook Timeline Set- Be Aware

Sunflowers Facebook Timeline Set * For MBM forum members only.
Posted in the Creative Acres area. This is directly linked to thread in forum.

Welcome To My Web Facebook Timeline Set * For MBM forum members only.
Posted in the Creative Acres area. This is directly linked to thread in forum.

Facebook Timeline set- I Pink I Can * For MBM forum members only.
Posted in the Creative Acres area.

Facebook Timeline set- Fight Like A Girl * For MBM forum members only.
Posted in the Creative Acres area.