FTU Kits #2

Below is a linked list of all FTU kits I have made available on my blog. These are not grouped by theme, but are listed in order from my first post to my latest post. Some are add-on freebies or samplers, some were once PTU but eventually updated to be FTU & some are blog train freebies. Many are from my blogger blog that I’ve re-posted here.

Enjoy the freebies. 🙂 All I ask is to follow my own TOU for my kits. The TOU for each of them may have changed since the early ones, so if you have any questions, or just want to check my most recent TOU concerning them, you can find that page here: Kit TOU. These TOU are up-to-date & over-ride any past TOU. 😉

* Also, because I have been asked the following quite a bit, please read the following:
YES! You can make clusters or cluster frames with my FTU kits or the updated FTU kits. And yes, this particular update of TOU is ‘retro-active’-meaning that my older FTU kits you may have snagged can be used for cluster frames as well. 🙂 And, if by chance I forget to add that info in my TOU when I make a FTU kit, or update a PTU kit to make it FTU, refer to this post.

Also, I just as well answer another question I’ve been asked about recently- If you’re making a tag, forum set, etc. with one of my kits & not using any artwork, you can simply add ‘Scraps by Magik’ or ‘Manipulated By Magik Scraps’ for your credits on your tags, timeline sets, etc. I’m not too picky about this & adding a url seems a bit un-necessary if it’s a scraps-only tag. 😉

*The kits I have listed here are 2015- 2018. Since I’m making this new blog & pages, I thought it best to split these kits up a bit more. 😉

Now. Here’s those freebies in a nice little list for you:

PTU Now FTU Kit: Valentines For Alexis

PTU Now FTU: Yo Ho Ho

FTU Kit- Feeling Lucky

PTU Now FTU: Bunny Express

PTU Now FTU: Every Bunny Loves You

PTU Now FTU Kit- Gone Fishin’

Almost Paradise FTU Sampler

Former Collab Kit Now FTU- For Becca With Love

PTU Now FTU & Updated Kit- Skull Candy

FTU Kit- Back In Class- Star Pupil  *Scroll down for the freebie.

PTU Now FTU Autumn Skies & Visions Of Autumn

PTU Now FTU Updated Pink For Hope

PTU Now FTU Too Cute To Spook

Not Beary Scary Freebie Sampler

PTU Now Updated FTU- Naughty Little Christmas (PG Version)

Cherished FTU Add-On

3 Formerly PTU Now FTU Retired Easter/ Spring Kits

PTU Now Updated FTU- Punk You

PTU Now FTU- Rock My World

Shabby Autumn Freebie Add-on Kit

Witches Brew Freebie Add-On Kit

Peppermint Holiday Freebie Add-On Kit

FTU Easter Kit- Painting Eggs

Prep School Pets Freebie Add- On

Freebie Kit- Devil’s Night

5TH Annual Train- Halloween Freebie “Ghouls And Goblins”

Snowflake Freebie Add-On Kit