PTU Now FTU Too Cute To Spook

Original Post Date- 10/3/15, 7:37 PM Central Standard Time

A couple years ago I had made this kit
for Halloween. It has a bit of a kawaii-like feel to it.
errr.. at least I think so. =P
It was in the Thrifty Scraps store for the brief time
I was a designer there.

Since it’s a smaller kit, I thought
it might be a good idea to offer it as a freebie
& hope someone can find a use for it. =)

*I didn’t update my preview for this kit
since I’ve been sick this past week &
wanted to get it on my blog ASAP for you all. 

You can grab the kit from me here:
FTU Too Cute To Spook

I hope you all can enjoy this kit
& make some kind of use out of it. =)

All I ask is PLEASE no ripping it to make
new kits nor sharing it in groups.
Directing people to my blog to get it for
themselves is much more appreciated.
…And you stay out of trouble that way. 😉

Of course, it goes without saying
that comments & ‘Thank You’s’ are
always appreciated so very much. 😉

I enjoy seeing your creations with my kits.
You can send them to me at:
(remove the brackets in my email.)


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