Update on my TOU for my FTU & Updated FTU Kits- It’s Good News. I Promise. ;)

Original Post Date- 6/6/15, 10:48 PM Central Standard Time

It has dawned on me that every time I make
a FTU kit or update a previous PTU kit to make
it FTU, I forget to add in my TOU that the kits are
‘okay’ to make clusters or cluster frames.

So… this is just a nice little post to let you all know that-
YES! You can make clusters or cluster frames with my FTU kits or the updated FTU kits.
And yes, this particular update of TOU is ‘retro-active’-
meaning that my older FTU kits you may
have snagged can be used for cluster frames as well.

And, if by chance I forget to add that info in my TOU
when I make a FTU kit, or update a PTU kit
to make it FTU, refer to this post. 😉

Also, since I’m already posting on my blog,
I just as well answer another question I’ve been
asked about recently-
If you’re making a tag, forum set, etc. with
one of my kits & not using any artwork,
you can simply add ‘Scraps by Magik’ or
‘Manipulated By Magik Scraps’ for your credits
on your tags, timeline sets, etc.
I’m not too picky about this
& adding a url seems a bit un-necessary
if it’s a scraps-only tag. 😉

Anyhow, I hope I’ve been able to clear things up
about cluster frames with my FTU kits.

…And I’m slowly working on updating a previous PTU
kit to make it a freebie for you all
as time allows me. So keep an eye out for it. 🙂

Thank you for reading.


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