FTU CU Spring Burst Glitter Styles/ Sheets

Original Post Date- 4/13/16, 7:15 AM Central Standard Time

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve made or posted any glitter styles/ PNG sheets on my blog.

I had intended on posting these last week. However, between being busy & simply exhausted from my job, I just never got around to making that happen.

So… while I’m thinking of it… I figure I should get this posted.

I had made theses as an after-thought for my Spring Burst kit & thought they were actually pretty. =)

I did do something different with these styles/ glitters sheets… more as an experiment & I personally like the results.

One thing that is different-
is the PNG sheets are 1200 x 1200 px. 😉

Another thing I did for the sheets & the styles themselves is make two different ‘types’ of glitters. One set is the typical sparkly like set-
the kind that has the white specks in it. But I also made a set of sheets that are more ‘flat’ & don’t have that extra sparkle.

There’s a reason for this:
If you have the Alien Skin Xenofex 2- Constellation filter (or another similiar filter) installed in your program, you can add your own bling.
I did include a screen shot of the settings I used for what I thought would be the best results in the zipfile… but it’s all up to personal taste.

As for the styles, they’re all in one ASL file for Photoshop. And again, after using the ‘flat’ styles for your paper, text, etc., you can add your filter of choice to make it sparkle. 😉

So, with all that being said, I hope you all like this idea for them. =)
You can email me or drop me line in comments to let me know. =)

As always, read my TOU for these glitters- They are PU/ CU.
You can use them in your next kit or tag… it’s all up to you…
just don’t rip them, sell them or claim as your own. 😉

And I ask PLEASE no sharing them in groups. Directing people to my blog to get them for themselves is much more appreciated.
…And you stay out of trouble that way. 😉

Okay… enough rambling…
Here they are:

You can find these Glitter Styles here:

Spring Burst

I hope you enjoy these styles. As with all my styles, feel free to mix & match for all your projects. =)


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