New Additions to MBM Forum- 2

Greetings, Darklings!

This is the second part of MBM Exclusive Updates with
kit matches, more tubes from 203May & our two new
Queen Uriel faerie commissions.

As I’d mentioned in my last post, I have acquired/
bought a few ‘adoptables’ from a couple talented
artists that have given me permission to make
them available in my forum for members to get
with their heartagrams (points) to use as well.

In late August, I’d commissioned Krisy at
Toxic Desirez to make a few kit matches for
a few of our exclusive tubes. Krisy made us
these three stunning kits which are not available
anyplace else:

In September, I adopted/ bought 4 more arts
from 203 May for us to use as tubes:

And finally- for now- I also was able to nab two
faerie commissions from Queen Uriel’s Fairy Marathon.
The MBM Members & I had discussions on our fairies
& these are the newest ones we also have now.

This is our Hecate Goddess:

And this is our Skaði Ice Goddess:

As always, anyone is welcome to join our little forum. 😉
You can find us here.

Thank you for reading. 😊
Have a great day!
Stay safe & make good choices. 💖

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